Remebering AD&D

16 01 2008

A very brief conversation at work made me realize just how little of the actual D&D mechanics I remember.  In fact, I didn’t really know the vast majority of the mechanics beyond feeling that the way armor worked was retarded.  You remember this from 2nd Edition; Armor ups your AC (Armor Class for those who aren’t big ol’ nerds) which makes you harder to hit. I mean, granted, it has the same impact on your HP (oh come on) in that it lessens your damage.  But by making you harder to hit?

“Sweet! Thanks to my 200 pounds of armor I dodged that volley of arrows!”

Now I’m not a mathematical kinda guy nor am I versed in medieval physiology and how it relates to athletic feats accomplished while wearing armor, but it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me.

Even so, I still had a lot of fun playing.  For me, I don’t think (Ok, I know this to be fact) that I was nearly as in to D&D as my friends but it was the one and only thing that we could all agree to do at the same time and place.

So even if all I do is move the artillery around while some mathematically inclined fella with a penchant for playing against gender is teleporting onto giant birds’ heads and making the big Minotaur useless in a fight it’s safe to say it was a worthwhile use of an evening to get all my friends together and hanging out at the same time.

And the pizza was good too.




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