The BlackBerry Agenda

19 01 2008

From a business perspective BlackBerrys rule.  It’s their bread and butter.  Of late, however, those wily Canadians are making a push to get in on the consumer market.  It started back on the BB7130e and 8703e; despite a lack of camera they could receive and display pictures sent to them via email for use as a background or to view gallery-style.  Modest, but a great place to start. (The lack of camera is a plus to some people who cannot have a camera-phone at work, but I digress).

Then they got fancy – the Pearl and Curve series have cameras.  The Pearl2 (8130) has a 2+ Mega-pixel camera.  Crap by foreign standards, but pretty nice for a cell phone in the states.  They’ve even got media players on them as well as expandable memory now for holding said media and additional apps.  Very cool, RiM (Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry).

Ok, so why do you care?

Even though I know more about cell phones than most people (at least those not part of the industry) I do not have in-depth super-user knowledge.  I cannot program your BlackBerry to operate on another network.  I cannot get you free text messages or make your cell phone turn on your microwave or start your car for you.

What I do know is that there are a ton of consumer-focused (as opposed to business-focused) applications coming out all the time.  My modest goal (for the beginning, at least) is to review 1 BlackBerry Application every 2 weeks.  I figure that 1 per 2 weeks gives me enough time to really use it as well as give me time for the day job.

The Rules:

The apps will be OTA (Over the Air) download-able – this is because a lot of people do not use the desktop manager.  Also, I’m trying to get at the BlackBerry as a personal device, so I want to find things that are quick, fun, and easy. Not just in use, but in download/set-up too.

I’m really excited to find some fun little apps for the BlackBerry and offer some insights and reviews on them from a consumer POV.  I think it’ll be a a lot of fun and if I get more ambitious, maybe we’ll increase the schedule.

If you have any ideas for an app you already use and love or maybe one that you’ve heard of let me know.

I can tell you right now that the first one is sure to be a Twitter app.

Stay tuned!!




One response

13 04 2008

Hi there. I really appreciate that you will be reviewing blackberry apps for the good of all of us bb owners. I was wondering if you could please review BBSmart Email Viewer and Empower HTML Email Viewer PRO. These are apps that allow you to view “html” emails on your bb (it’s not the full html view). They both can be downloaded ota from Handango, and both have free trial versions. Thanks a bunch!

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