BlackBerry 8830: Initial Reaction

22 01 2008

From just a few hours of fiddling at work I’m starting to see some potential in the BB.  There’s surely some awkwardness to overcome and the Pearl instead of the familiar, solid, mechanical-feeling wheel is a bit weird for me, but I’m still pleased.  Part of my concern is that while not huge, I don’t have petite digits.  Even so, the keyboard is much more comfortable than the Treo 650 that I used to have.

The internet speeds are pretty good. Wil Wheaton’s blog, for instance, loads up with very decent speed.  I tried loading his blog on my Samsung M500 (connects to the same network as the BB) and the processing power of the BlackBerry really comes out.  Just wonderful.

 What was an unexpected blow-away-er is the screen.  Looking at the sample video on there or just friends’ Twitter icons I am amazed at how improved the BlackBerry screen is.  This is just one generation removed from a screen that was very Ok; not “bad” but certainly nothing to brag about.  Even for business folks who couldn’t care less about pictures on their device I think that the clarity translates pretty well to text .  But “for reals”, you would not expect this level of clarity from the LCD.

I’ve only had it active for about 5 hours and am already really happy with the purchase.

That worked out really well.  Eventually.




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