BlackBerry App Permissions

29 01 2008

This is a topic that came up in the Beyond411 Application Review.

When you load an application on a BlackBerry it generally requires certain things from said BlackBerry – access to the Internet, access to phone information (address book, etc.) and sometimes access to your GPS location (if you’re using a turn-by-turn navigation application, fr’instance).

The majority of application will ask you questions when you first run them (The Application has requested access to you GPS Location) followed by the option to allow or deny that access.

In the event that something still doesn’t work or you accidentally answered “No” to something you can manually set those permissions.  This is in the event that your BlackBerry is not under the control of a BlackBerry Enterprise Server ( BES) .  The BES issue is something that I’m going to leave alone because the focus of these reviews is to make the BlackBerry approachable to non-business users.  These people wouldn’t (usually) be on a BES administered device to begin with.

Anyway, getting back to the point, these permissions can be set manually so that you can tell your BB “Hey, if <insert app name here> wants the Internet, let <insert same app name here>  have the Internet, ok?” 

This will, in theory, give the app whatever it needs to function properly.

How do I change these settings?  Glad ya asked!

On a BlackBerry with a Pearl (the little ball)

ex: 8800/20/30, Curve 8300/10/20,  Pearl 8100/20/30

Go to Options (this is the little wrench).  On some GSM BB’s (at&t, T-Mobile) you need to enter Settings (little gears) to find options.

Select Advanced Options

Then Applications

Then highlight whichever app we need to monkey around with and press the Menu key (left of the Pearl, has a bunch of dots on it).

Select Edit Permissions

Press the Menu key (yes, again)

Select Reset Firewall Prompts

Now you’re going to be looking at Connection, Interactions and User Data.

All three of these need to be set to “Allow.”

Once they are, press the Menu key one last time and select “Save.”

Once you’re done “Please Wait”ing (try it and you’ll understand) turn off the BB, wait about 30 seconds and power it back on.

You’re set!!

If your BB still has the wheel

ex 7100i, 7130e, 8703e, 8700c/r

Go to Options

Advanced Options

Click on the app

Select Edit Permissions

Set Connection, Interactions and User Data to “Allow,” click the wheel and “Save” and then power cycle (turn the BB off and then back on) once the waiting is done.

I hope this helps, and it will be added to the App Review page as well.




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