Backseat Gaming

31 01 2008

Certain video games were totally unable to make me play them.  Specifically, the Resident Evil series.

Before you contemplate finding a way to sic a Licker on me, lemme explain myself – then you’ll sic a Tyrant on me instead, I’m sure.

The fucking controls bugged the crap out of me.  I like fluid controls.  I enjoy it when pressing right on the stick turns me to the right and causes me to then walk or run in that direction.  I hate (with that thousand Suns passion) when “up” always moves your character forward and you have to stop, turn, and then proceed.  Now I know that this allows you to walk backwards, thus lessening the pussy-factor of your retreat by letting you fire potshots at your foe.  I still am not a fan.  There’s always unused buttons.  One of those can’t be “back-step” or whatever?  Huh?

Silent Hill (I believe 3…where you’re the girl and there’s a mall involved) would let you change the control type from 2D (my back-stepping nemesis) and 3D (my fav, pinoneered by Mario64).  Very cool; you can do the manly-retreat with one style and the fast-turning 3D action when you need some finesse (like when you need to avoid a subway).

Now you may be saying “Alex, you love Silent Hill!”  That would be a true statement.

While the mechanics of Silent Hill and Res Evil always kept me from taking the controller I was a huge fan of backseat-  or co-playing the game.

Keeping an eye out for ambush action and supplies, offering puzzle solutions and, especially with the S.H. games, confirming with the actual “pilot” that yes, that shit did just happen.

It was a really cool experience, especially when there would be 3 or 4 of us doing this; we took a very solo game and turned it into a crazily enjoyable group activity.




One response

1 02 2008

I cannot adequately express how much I miss doing that. Solo playing those games just isn’t as fun as the group.

(also: the only shitty thing about WordPress is this “must login to comment” bullshit.)

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