Kyte.TV Update

17 03 2008

FYI – The reason that I can’t send a pic right from my phone to my Kyte Channel would appear to be Sprint’s issue, not Kyte’s.

When you send picture mail with Sprint you send a LINK to the image or video instead of the file itself – hence the no Kyte-ing.  The link sending thing makes sense – don’t bother actually loading/sending the pic until someone actually wants to look at it.

Never bugged me until right now.

Oh well.  Kyte, you are both cool and off the hook.




2 responses

18 03 2008

My name is Marius and we’ve successfully produced shows from a sprint phone.
What email address have you used?
Your channel is passcode protected and therefore the email address needs to include the passcode as follows:

Hope this helps.

Stay tuned,


18 03 2008

Hm, weird.


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