Dear Gawker – I’m Not Your Biggest Fan (I Know, You’re Crushed)

9 06 2008

Gawker ran a story that I caught via Valleywag and the headline was enough to annoy the heck out of me –

Prepare To Never Again Have A Private Moment At A Bar

The story is about Loopt becoming available on the new iPhone.  The headline shows a huge lack of understanding of the product it’s bashing.  The article sounds less like a product review and more like someone upset about their lack of Dodgeball friends.

My favorite quote?  The attempt at a witty close (something I’m super duper guilty of, but hey, I amuse myself where this toolbox doesn’t amuse me in the least) –

And eventually, if you’re caught going out for a drink without inviting all your friends, some lonely acquaintance of yours is going to bug you about why they weren’t part of the group. Thanks a lot Apple.

The entire article, right to the end, skips over something huge – You choose who sees your updates.  And, oh yeah, that just because you buy a 3G iPhone doesn’t mean you’ll sign up for Loopt.  They’ve been around for a while on Boost, Nextel, Sprint and more recently Verizon handsets.  Do they have nearly 200 million subscribers?  I don’t think so.


Sorry for being almost as annoying and ranty as Mr. Gawker Man, but the people who get so annoyed by things like this are almost never the people using them.  And if they are, it seems a little odd.  I mean, I wouldn’t pay for something (unless it were a necessity) if I thought it was a dumb as Gawky Gawkerson seems to think Loopt is.  Though, from the article I can see the author as being the kind of douche who would sign up for the service and then lament its lamity just to prove that he was right.


A word of advice to any would-be consumers of…anything – If you think it’ll suck, don’t buy it!




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