Wireless in Peril?

17 11 2008

People ask me, semi-regularly, if I’m worried about current economic conditions hurting my paycheck.  Honestly, I’m not too concerned about it.


With cell phones becoming a primary (if not sole) means of communication for so many people I don’t really see sales plummeting.  I would certainly expect to see sales of high-end phones (and their higher-priced data plans) slump a little and would expect to see the same of accessory sales, but I don’t think there will be any sort of cataclysmic shitstorm of store closures and firings/layoffs.


Also, I think that market saturation did the most damage to cell sales.  Since the number of first-time cell owners plummeted about 3-4 years ago so did sales.  Now the big thing is trying to woo people over from their current provider.  The 2 main ways to accomplish this have been a) offering a better deal and b) capitalizing on a bad experience with the previous/current provider.  Either of these situations (especially the former) can generate a sale and woo someone to come over to your side in a down-turned economy.  Granted, on a cosmic scale, someone else lost that revenue so the overall cell market may consider it a wash, but for me it’s a gain.


A decade ago, before mobile phones really became super-mainstream, the economy would scare me.  As it is now, I’m no more concerned about sales and quotas than I was this time 4 years ago.  The only thing that would worry me is a sudden improvement in customer service from the other carriers – I may be shooting myself in the foot here, but the vast majority of my customers who came over from one of the other Big 4 carriers came because they felt like they were being mistreated.


I know it sounds cheesy, but for anyone is wireless, I think the best way to ride out the tough(er) times is to provide superior customer support and to fit plans and features to their needs as opposed to pushing them to get the most expensive ones available.  It’ll mean that whatever business they can send to you, they will.



Workplace Anxiety

31 01 2008

People in the office are being let go left as well as right.  People in the middle are probably just a susceptible to shit-canning too.

The reasons people are being let go are understandable; rude to a customer, constant sick calls, etc.

It still sucks.  I mean, I’m not particularly worried about my job.  I’m rarely not here, keep my off-color comments to myself (or at least mute the headset when I can’t) and I know more about our product than most.

Still, it just puts this very palpable feeling of unease in the air when this shit starts happening. 

“Will I be next?”

“What am I gonna do if I’m next?”

“Are the laying off the entire department?”

It’s a shitty-ass feeling to walk into every morning.  Coming in and wondering if your shit’s going to be in a tidy little pile waiting to be taken home.  Wondering what the fuck you’re gonna do when it’s time to pay rent or put gas in your car.  I have never (Ok, maybe not “never”) been less excited to come into work in the morning.

Hopefully my fears are unfounded and everything will be ok.

Anyone having similar workplace angst going on?  Why don’t you leave a comment and tell me about it?


11 01 2008

Work just totally frustrated me – this dude’s [product name omitted for job want-to-keeping] wouldn’t work properly.  It was completely retarded, took forever, and couldn’t be solved.  The worst part is that it was totally out of my hands.  Things like that (the out-of-hands kind) should bother me the least – hey, it wasn’t my fault – but they bug me the most.  I’m not saying that I’m the best at my job (I feel I’m usually pretty good at it, though) but I’m here to fix this stuff.  When I can’t it makes me feel like I’m here just to take up space, which I’m generally not.