Hiatus Almost Over

22 05 2008

After a lengthy hiatus blogging shall resume here shortly.


I’m just waiting until I have the banner image redesigned (finally) and a few other tweaks are made.


Full-steam return shortly!


Kyte.TV Update

17 03 2008

FYI – The reason that I can’t send a pic right from my phone to my Kyte Channel would appear to be Sprint’s issue, not Kyte’s.

When you send picture mail with Sprint you send a LINK to the image or video instead of the file itself – hence the no Kyte-ing.  The link sending thing makes sense – don’t bother actually loading/sending the pic until someone actually wants to look at it.

Never bugged me until right now.

Oh well.  Kyte, you are both cool and off the hook.

Test – The Return

11 03 2008

Tried posting a Kyte.tv video and it shows up…kinda.

In my “Manage Posts” thingy it says “scheduled” and I can’t seem to edit it into “Published” status.

Now I want to see if anything posts properly any more…

So…did it?


I can view the post via its dedicated URL, but my “home” doesn’t show it.  I wonder if it’ll just take time – but between emails from my phone not posting to Kyte properly and the post function at Kyte not putting it here properly…I’m less psyched than I was 20 minutes ago.


Kyte: The Test Video

11 03 2008

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&embedId=10082912&uri=channels/40025]

No Shower = Bleh

1 02 2008

Just checking in.

This morning I awoke at 7:21am (that’d be Pacific, if anyone’s wondering).  This is exactly 21 minutes later than I need to leave my apartment.

I was out the door at 7:27 and pulling out and into traffic at 7:31.  My ass was at my desk exactly at 8:00, so I was not late.

Of course, it would be a day when I will not be leaving the office to go home until 9:00pm that I have to skip a shower to make it in on time.  it will be 9:30 before I can take one.  I can already feel grossness growing upon me and may need to burn the clothes I’m wearing in an attempt to erase this sin from my permanent record.

I know there are some people who can go a day or more (gasp!) without a shower.  I am not one of those people.  I can’t even shower the night before and maintain a feeling of clean the next day.  Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

Right now what’s wrong with me is that I haven’t had a shower today.

Backseat Gaming

31 01 2008

Certain video games were totally unable to make me play them.  Specifically, the Resident Evil series.

Before you contemplate finding a way to sic a Licker on me, lemme explain myself – then you’ll sic a Tyrant on me instead, I’m sure.

The fucking controls bugged the crap out of me.  I like fluid controls.  I enjoy it when pressing right on the stick turns me to the right and causes me to then walk or run in that direction.  I hate (with that thousand Suns passion) when “up” always moves your character forward and you have to stop, turn, and then proceed.  Now I know that this allows you to walk backwards, thus lessening the pussy-factor of your retreat by letting you fire potshots at your foe.  I still am not a fan.  There’s always unused buttons.  One of those can’t be “back-step” or whatever?  Huh?

Silent Hill (I believe 3…where you’re the girl and there’s a mall involved) would let you change the control type from 2D (my back-stepping nemesis) and 3D (my fav, pinoneered by Mario64).  Very cool; you can do the manly-retreat with one style and the fast-turning 3D action when you need some finesse (like when you need to avoid a subway).

Now you may be saying “Alex, you love Silent Hill!”  That would be a true statement.

While the mechanics of Silent Hill and Res Evil always kept me from taking the controller I was a huge fan of backseat-  or co-playing the game.

Keeping an eye out for ambush action and supplies, offering puzzle solutions and, especially with the S.H. games, confirming with the actual “pilot” that yes, that shit did just happen.

It was a really cool experience, especially when there would be 3 or 4 of us doing this; we took a very solo game and turned it into a crazily enjoyable group activity.

Workplace Anxiety

31 01 2008

People in the office are being let go left as well as right.  People in the middle are probably just a susceptible to shit-canning too.

The reasons people are being let go are understandable; rude to a customer, constant sick calls, etc.

It still sucks.  I mean, I’m not particularly worried about my job.  I’m rarely not here, keep my off-color comments to myself (or at least mute the headset when I can’t) and I know more about our product than most.

Still, it just puts this very palpable feeling of unease in the air when this shit starts happening. 

“Will I be next?”

“What am I gonna do if I’m next?”

“Are the laying off the entire department?”

It’s a shitty-ass feeling to walk into every morning.  Coming in and wondering if your shit’s going to be in a tidy little pile waiting to be taken home.  Wondering what the fuck you’re gonna do when it’s time to pay rent or put gas in your car.  I have never (Ok, maybe not “never”) been less excited to come into work in the morning.

Hopefully my fears are unfounded and everything will be ok.

Anyone having similar workplace angst going on?  Why don’t you leave a comment and tell me about it?